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What we are doing different. And not staying the same.

What you want matters to us.

For every project we service you, we will be there every step of the way. Whether it's flooring, custom showers, backsplashes and more.

Aiming to stay innovative.

We focus on finding new ways to make it easier to get what you want. Our goal is to utilize today's technology and make your project as seamless as possible.

Emilio Flooring Solutions is where creativity and forward-thinking happens.


Definition: favoring innovation and development; progressive.

Example: "a forward-thinking company"

Victor Rodriguez

Performing services, one innovation at a time.

Our CEO, Victor Rodriguez, is discovering new ways to create new opportunities and practices to leave a positive mark in your projects.

Emilio Flooring Solutions is transforming the industry when it comes to flooring and more.

The company is inspiring the new generation of services when it comes to flooring, custom showers and among other jobs.

Luis Rodriguez

Inspiring others, one by one.

Not only is Luis Rodriguez, our VP of Sales, is motivating others, he is also out in the field influencing employees in the company and many more around him.

Countless number of individuals rely on our services when they are needing quality, reliability and convenience.

Ready at your service in the East Texas area.

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